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Connecting WooCommerce with Dynamics 365 Business Central is a breeze with WooCommerce-365. Get set up within minutes and boost your order handling and capacity.

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"Having experienced the inconvenience of a webshop and ERP without integration first hand, we decided to develop a solution that integrates the two while respecting the strengths of both Dynamics 365 and WooCommerce."

Davy Verbeek

Product Owner @ Woo365

Our users have improved their day-to-day operations drastically using Woo365

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What Woo365 can do

WooCommerce 365 order import
Imported Order Details

Importing from WooCommerce

Import orders real time into Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically

Orders by both registered users and guest accounts are automatically imported and matched with their corresponding Dynamics 365 Business Central customer.

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Updating WooCommerce inventory

WooCommerce products are automatically updated real time when updated in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage products and stock updates directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central and eliminate manual product handling, duplicate data and human errors.

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Edit product details directly from Dynamics NAV
Store Inventory
NAV Product overview
Import button

Importing customers

Import WooCommerce customers to Dynamics Business Central

Import all existing and new customers from WooCommerce and assign them to unique or general customers in Dynamics Business Central.

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Woo365 has a lot to offer. Check out some of the features below to get a glimpse of what's possible.

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Real time stock control

Quick & easy implementation

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Decrease your delivery and order processing time, increase your order capacity! Every user signing up for WooCommerce-365 get’s a free 30-day trial without adding a payment method or paying upfront. This way, you can try out our software without any consequences. If WooCommerce-365 doesn’t make you happy, cancellation is possible at any time.

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