Import orders from WooCommerce directly to Dynamics Business Central

Orders by both registered users and guest accounts are automatically imported and matched with their corresponding Dynamics 365 Business Central customer.

Keep everything organized

Besides importing orders into Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically Woo-365 offers the flexibility to comply with custom order processing. All imported order data is automatically mapped to the corresponding fields in Dynamics 365 Business Central without complex mappings or further configuration minimalizing our footprint on Business Central.

Synchronise orders manually or periodically

Whether you want to have full control or let Woo365 do the work, Woo365 allows users to synchronise orders by manually hitting the import button or by setting a custom interval after which Business Central automatically imports all new orders made in WooCommerce.

Save time, do more

Automating order import into Dynamics 365 Business Central saves you tons of time and speeds up the entire handling process and increases the customer experience. Watch your customers become happier when they get their products faster!

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