2023 Q1 release (

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of our Woocommerce integration for Business Central. This new release comes packed with several features that will provide an excellent experience for online store owners, specifically those in the B2B space. In this blog we will take you through the new features that we have added.


Better support for B2B shops

The first feature of the new release is better support for B2B shops. The integration now allows for easy importing of existing customers and includes an improved detection mechanism to recognize known customers. This feature will significantly save time for store owners and provide a better shopping experience for their existing customers.

Handling of variable products

The second feature is the handling of variable products. Store owners can now create variable products in Woocommerce and assign them product variations that can be normal products from Business Central or product variations themselves. This flexibility allows store owners to offer customized products to their customers, providing an excellent shopping experience.

General improvements

The new release also includes general improvements, including better handling of pagination. This will provide better support for webshops with high quantity orders, ensuring a seamless integration with Business Central. Additionally, store owners can now import their products to Business Central and the new release allows store owners to choose where to store the WooCommerce order ID in their Business Central sales order, which will help them better manage their orders. Finally, we have implemented hotfixes that we shipped to our clients earlier, ensuring that the integration is working seamlessly.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the latest release of our Woocommerce integration for Business Central is a game-changer for online store owners. With better support for B2B shops, handling of variable products, general improvements, and bug fixes, this integration provides more flexibility, better performance, and a better shopping experience for both store owners and their customers. We are confident that this new release will help our clients take their online business to the next level.

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