The Benefits of Connecting WooCommerce with Dynamics 365

Seamless integration of data between the two systems

The integration of WooCommerce with Dynamics 365 allows for the seamless push and pull of data from the two systems. This data can be customer, product, inventory, order or payment data. The integration also allows for the push and pull of data that is not available on either system. This means that you will have access to all your relevant business data in one place.


When you connect WooCommerce with Dynamics 365, all data is synchronized automatically—no more manual entry! Save time and effort by automating these processes.

Real-time syncing

Real-time syncing is a feature that can have major benefits for your business. Real-time syncing means that data about customers and transactions are automatically shared between WooCommerce and Dynamics 365 as soon as it’s entered in one location.

Integrating WooCommerce with Dynamics 365 allows you to access critical information from your store, such as customer information, inventory levels, order summaries, and much more. When there is an update made to any of this data in either WooCommerce or Dynamics 365, the other platform will be updated automatically thanks to real-time syncing. This allows you to have access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

Real-time syncing can save your team time because they won’t need to make manual updates across multiple platforms anymore. You’ll also avoid human errors that can occur when making duplicate updates in separate locations.

Use WooCommerce as the frontend and Dynamics 365 BC as the backend

By connecting WooCommerce to Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC), you get the ability to use WooCommerce as the frontend for your eCommerce store and use Dynamics 365 BC as the backend. In other words, your website will be used to present products and information about your company, while all of the inventory, accounting, and other data is handled by D365BC.

Using WooCommerce as a frontend for your online store has significant advantages because it’s free to download, very customizable, and easy to use. You can also take advantage of all of the plugins that are available for this platform (source). On top of that, WooCommerce has a large number of theme options that can be used when designing your online store (source).

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP solution for small and mid-size businesses. This software has many features that are useful for running an eCommerce business

Increased efficiency in running your eCommerce business.

This is because you are able to manage your catalogue, inventory and order fulfilment from a single platform.

One of the main benefits of connecting your WooCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is the increased efficiency in running your eCommerce business. This is because you are able to manage your catalogue, inventory and order fulfilment from a single platform. Within Dynamics, it’s easy to create and edit product inventories, add new catalogues and import products from third-party sources such as eBay. The platform also supports multiple currencies so that you can sell your items wherever in the world they are most likely to be purchased.

The integration between WooCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers so much more than just updated stock quantities. It allows you to take control of other aspects of your online store too – including pricing, shipping and checkout processes – which contribute greatly towards improving customer experience and loyalty levels too!

Integrating WooCommerce with Dynamics 365 Business Central helps businesses 

When businesses use both Dynamics 365 and WooCommerce, cost savings can be realized in several ways:

  1. Lower your costs through greater efficiency. The business management software gives you all the tools and more to help save time and boost productivity.
  2. Reduce your staff’s workloads by reducing the amount of data entry and administrative work they need to do. As an example, by using Dynamics 365 Business Central and WooCommerce together, you’ll be able to connect a customer’s orders directly with their payment history all in one place, which will considerably cut down on the number of times an order needs to be entered into each system as well as reduce errors that are associated with manually entering this information. This not only improves efficiency for the business but also reduces costs since it eliminates rekeying operations for both systems on a daily basis, instead of having updates automatically sync between them via database synchronization software like Microsoft SQL Server. Plus it guarantees accurate data from when orders have been placed through the time of payment, helping businesses meet compliance regulations that demand accurate reporting for taxes or government benefits programs that require reporting about income earned from customers (such as unemployment insurance).
  3. For increased customer satisfaction because of improved communication between customers and WooCommerce ERP systems such as Dynamics 365 Business Central will allow you to communicate with customers more effectively ranging from notifications about order status via email or text messages sent to remind them when they are running late with their delivery dates or delivery times to orders placed online being transferred automatically into salesforce CRM applications where you can use salesforce CRM apps like Lightning Deal Manager so that you can better service your customers once they’ve placed an order online or even pre-order sales which allows them to know when their product is coming out before buying it online.

So, our advice is to request a free WooCommerce 365 demo and start decreasing handling times and increasing order capacity!

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The Benefits of Connecting WooCommerce with Dynamics 365

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